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FRANK WOOTTON - Artist profile

Book Review

Frank Wootton:
50 Years Of Aviation Art

Adlertag by Frank Wootton

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Widely regarded as the founding father of the genre, Frank Wootton devoted his life to aviation art and to the RAF.  In 1939 he joined the RAF and subsequently flew many different types of aircraft.  His artistic talents were soon noticed and he was selected as an official RAF war artist.  Recording in the field the activities and achievements of the RAF involved extensive travel, including a period in South-East Asia.   After leaving the service Frank established a successful career as an aviation artist and amongst other achievements played a leading role in the development of the Guild of Aviation Artists. Frank Wootton passed away in 1998, having set the standards in aviation art for many years.

For Collectors
Around 15 of Frank Wootton’s  aviation paintings have been reproduced as limited edition prints although a good number of these are sold out and only available on the secondary market.


Mosquitos by Frank Wootton

An excellent selection of Frank’s work has been reproduced in the book Frank Wootton: 50 Years Of Aviation Art.

Peenemunde by Frank Wootton

Our Favourite
Night scenes are notoriously difficult for artists, but in Peenemunde Frank has used colour brilliantly to convey the drama of RAF Lancasters over their target area.

All images copyright Frank Wootton.

The Last of the First

The Last of the First comp20

Encounter with the Red Barron

Encounter with the Red Barron by Frank Wootton

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