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The Art of William S Phillips - The Glory of Flight

Edwards Park
and William Phillips

Low Pass For The Home Folks

Low Pass For The Home Folks by William S Phillips

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William Phillips profile

William Phillips has been regarded by many as the leading American aviation artist over the last 20 years. The Glory of Flight is a superb celebration of his work bringing together a large collection of both well known and not so often seen images. The book is structured around flying from the aircrew perspective, rather than historic periods or aircraft types; the chapter title ‘Heading for the Barn’ confirming its American origins.

Alone No More by William Phillips

Alone No More

Phillips’ style is big and bold with strong use of colour and tonal contrast and he is not afraid of trying compositions and lighting effects that have not been done before. The book layout presents this to good effect with many large double page spreads and even a couple of fold-outs.  Aircraft types covered range from the Wright brothers to the F14, introduction is by pilot Stephen Coonts and the artist modestly only dedicates a couple of pages to himself.

America On The Move by William S Phillips

Reviewers Pick
Too many to choose, but this reviewer goes for America On The Move. The low viewpoint and Pacific sunrise create a dramatic, mould-breaking image. Good title as well.

All images copyright William S Phillips.

The Art of William S Phillips - The Glory of Flight

Range Wars

Range Wars by William Phillips

The Long Ride Home

The Long Ride Home by William Phillips





Climbing the Crags


Off at First Light


Pleasing the Crowd


Latching On


Heading for the Barn


High and Terrible


Moments Remembered


Low and Mean


William S Phillips, The Artist


Mixing it Up


List of Plates

Publishing Information - First Edition (hardback)

Publisher: Greenwich Workshop

ISBN: 0-86713-024-5 

Released: 1994

Size: 9.5 x 13 inches

Pages: 172

Colour images: 78

Limited Edition Version with Print

A limited edition version of The Glory of Flight was also issued at the time of release in 1994.This book had a lavish cloth bound presentation with slip case. It was signed and numbered by the artist and was accompanied by a matching numbered copy of the print Into The Throne Room of God. The edition size was 750.

Into the Throne Room of God - book
Into the Throne Room of God by William S Phillips


Limited edition versions:

Sold out, only available on the secondary market.

First edition:

Currently out of print.

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