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The Aviation Art of Michael Turner

Michael Turner

Tornado from Leeming

Tornado from Leeming by Michael Turner

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Michael Turner profile

Michael Turner’s career as a top aviation artist spans five decades. During that time he has been prolific in his portrayal of aircraft of all types and eras. A selection of some 68 images loosely tell the story of military flying from World War One to the present, with a few significant commercial contributions such as Concorde. As much as anything though, the selections showcase the tremendous range of subjects that the artist is able to render with authority.

After a Foreword by Ray Hanna and a Preface by Sir Alex Henshaw there is a comprehensive introduction by Michael Turner where he chronicles his career as an artist, detailing some of the highlights along the way, such as his flights in a Lightning and with the Red Arrows. This section is liberally illustrated with pencil drawings and photos. If you have either of his other aviation art books, Royal Air Force - The aircraft in service since 1918 or Luftwaffe Aircraft - Paintings by Michael Turner then you will find some overlap in the images although there are many paintings not included in either. This book is professionally produced with well laid out and clearly printed images.

Private Enterprise

Private Enterprise by Michael Turner

Torpedo Trials

Torpedo Trials by Michael Turner
Buccaneer Landing On by Michael Turner

AMX Country

AMX Country by Michael Turner

Minnions of the Moon

Minions of the Moon by Michael Turner

Reviewer’s Pick
A bold use of view point and perspective amplifies the drama of a carrier landing in Buccaneer landing On.

MT3 The Aviation Art of Michael Turner original cover small

Original cover

The Aviation Art of Michael Turner Cover small

Reprint cover


Chiswick by Michael Turner


Concorde - Superstar Across the Atlantic by Michael Turner

All images copyright Michael Turner.



Foreword by Ray Hanna


95 plates with supporting text


Preface by Sir Alex Henshaw




Introduction by Michael Turner



Publishing Information - First Edition (hardback)

Publisher: David and Charles

ISBN: 0-7153-0088-1

Released: 1994

Size: 13 x 11.5 inches

Pages: 96

Colour images: 68

The book was first published in hardback form in 1994, it was later reissued as a softback in 2004 with a revised cover illustration.

Publishing Information - Second Edition (softback)

Publisher: David and Charles

ISBN: 1-7153-1719-9

Released: 2004

Size: 12.5 x 11 inches

Pages: 96

Colour images: 68


First edition:

Out of print, only available on the secondary market.

Second edition:

Out of print, only available on the secondary market.

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