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ROBERT TAYLOR - Artist Profile

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Broken Silence by Robert Taylor

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Broken Silence

For many years now Robert Taylor has been widely regarded as the world’s leading aviation artist.  An enthusiastic sketcher and painter as a child, Robert studied at art college before starting work at a professional picture restorer in his hometown of Bath.  Here he gained invaluable insights into the techniques of the great masters and at the same time absorbed powerful influences that were later to emerge in his own work.

Initially Robert’s interests lay in ships and the sea, it was not until joining up with his first publisher, The Military Gallery that he started adding aviation subjects to his repertoire and he has not looked back since.  Robert Taylor’s paintings hang in major public and private collections throughout the world and his limited edition prints are consistently best sellers.  You could buy a luxury car for the price of one of his originals, but dont worry, you will have plenty of time to save up as there is a waiting list of several years.

Russian Roulette by Robert Taylor D-Day - The Airborne Assault by Robert Taylor

For Collectors
Plenty to go at here with well over 200 of Robert Taylor’s aviation paintings having been reproduced in print.  Most are endorsed with the signatures of distinguished aircrew and many are sold out and only available on the secondary market, some at a considerable premium to their issue price.  To date 7 books have been published featuring his aviation paintings.  Special signed versions of each of the books were also issued with an accompanying print, but these are now all sold out.

Our Favourite
Hard to pick one from so many.  Robert Taylor is a rare breed, in that in one lifetime he has mastered both marine and aviation art - two very demanding subjects.  We feel that Channel Dash is an outstanding example of both disciplines combined to create a true masterwork that will stand the test of time.

Channel Dash by Robert Taylor

All images copyright Robert Taylor.

Night Interceptors

Night Interceptors by Robert Taylor

Steinhoff Tribute

Steinhoff Tribute by Robert Taylor

Target Peenemunde

Target Peenemunde by Robert Taylor

Aces on the Western Front

Aces on the Western Front by Robert Taylor

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