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Robert Taylor - Air Combat Paintings Masterworks Collection

Robert Taylor

Struggle for Supremacy

Struggle for Supremacy by Robert Taylor

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Robert Taylor profile

If you are new to the aviation art work of Robert Taylor then this book provides an excellent introduction. In a period of more than 25 years at the forefront of aviation art Robert has released over 200 images as collector prints and 128 of them are featured in this book. Not quite sure what constitutes a ‘Masterwork’ and therefore inclusion, but all my personal favourites are here so I will leave the selection debate to others, certainly the images span both the artists long career and the history of combat aviation.

Foreword is by Colonel Don Lopez, followed by a short overview of the artist and then straight down to business. Each title is given two pages comprising the colour plate, a related pencil sketch and a short narrative.

Assault on the Capital

Assault on the Capital by Robert Taylor

Glorious Summer

Glorious Summer by Robert Taylor

A number of images straddle the centre spine of the book which is not ideal but presumably enforced by the format which is smaller and squarer than Robert’s previous volumes. Overall the quality of reproduction and  presentation is excellent.

Serious collectors will have gone for the signed, limited edition version which came with an accompanying print, these are now sold out. This volume is an excellent summary of the work of a world-leading aviation artist and would make an ideal gift.

Special Duties by Robert Taylor

Reviewer’s Pick
I restricted my choice to the images that are not featured in Robert Taylor’s first 4 volumes but even so Special Duties stands up well in any company with its stunning rendition of a JU 52 over the Italian Dolomites.

Robert Taylor - Air Combat Paintings Masterworks Collection

Dawn Operations

Dawn Operations by Robert Taylor

Lancaster Under Attack

Lancaster Under Attack by Robert Taylor

Caught on the Surface

Caught On The Surface



Foreword by Colonel Don Lopez


62 sections each named by print title


Robert Taylor by Charles Walker



Publishing Information - First Edition (hardback)

Publisher: Spellmount Limited

ISBN: 1-86227-139-9 

Released: 2001

Size: 11 x 9 inches

Pages: 128

Colour images: 70+

Publishing Information - First Edition (softback)

Publisher: Spellmount Limited

ISBN: 1-86227-140-2 

Released: 2001

Size: 11 x 9 inches

Pages: 128

Colour images: 70+

Limited Edition Versions with Prints

A limited edition version of The Masterworks Collection was also issued at the time of release in 2001.

The Collectors Edition was issued with a matching numbered copy of the print Company of Heroes, which was signed by two distinguished B-17 pilots who flew with the 34th Bomb Group:

Captain Rolland H Whited
Lieutenant Colonel Robert W Dees

The books were issued with a blue cloth slip case with the artist’s signature gold blocked on the front cover. The books were signed and numbered inside by the artist. The edition size was 500.

The General’s Edition was issued as above but additionally had a mounted bookplate with the original signature of General Adolf Galland and the companion print Bader’s Bus Company signed by Spitfire Ace Tony Gaze DFC**. The edition size was 400 with 25 Artist Proofs.

The Aces Edition additionally had the companion print JG-26 at Audembert signed by JG-26 Knight’s Cross pilot Hugo Dahmer and a bookplate containing the original signatures of 21 distinguished WWII veteran pilots. The book was issued with a leather slipcase. The edition size was 100 plus 5 remarques.

All images copyright Robert Taylor.

Company of Heroes by Robert Taylor

Bader’s Bus Company

Bader's Bus Company Sketch - small

JG-26 at Audembert

JG-26 at Audembert 2


Limited edition versions:

Sold out, only available on the secondary market.

First editions:

Currently out of print, only available on the secondary market.

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