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 Portraits of Combat - The World War II Art of James Dietz

Jay Broze

Tough Day

Tough Day by James Dietz

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James Dietz profile

The human element takes centre stage in the unique military art work of James Dietz.  The first thing to say is that this book is not solely dedicated to aviation, it takes an equal share with Army and Navy images, but the quality is so good that I am sure most enthusiasts won’t mind.  The title, Portraits of Combat, is well chosen, some of the paintings contain a dozen or more individuals each with their own distinct personality and each contributing to an intricate and complex composition.  These images are powerful, not only because of the quality of the art work but the exhaustive degree to which the artist researches each minute historical detail.

The book starts off with a brief description of the artists background and influences. Part two covers the evolution of a painting using Maximum Effort as an example. This gives a some insight in to both  how the artist works, and the lengths he goes to get historical accuracy.

The main body of the book is a gallery of  75 colour plates arranged in chronological order and depicting major events and campaigns of WW II, supported by a number of the working sketches. Author Jay Broze does a good job of describing the images and the events that inspired them, although it is a little unusual for the artist not to narrate the painting side of things himself. Overall this is an  excellently presented book with a large format and high quality reproduction.

Blakeslee Before Berlin

Blakeslee Before Berlin by James Dietz

Maximum Effort

Maximum Effort by James Dietz

Reviewer’s Pick
Packed to overflowing with atmosphere and authentic historical detail, Too Late In The Day is one of those pictures you can revisit many times and still find something new.

Too Late In The Day by James Dietz

All images copyright James Dietz.

Portraits of Combat by James Dietz

Early Launch

Early Launch by James Dietz

Patton Takes Charge

Patton Takes Charge by James Dietz



Acknowledgments by James Dietz


68 sections each named by print title


Portrait of the Artist




Maximum Effort



Publishing Information - First Edition (hardback)

Publisher: Michael Friedman

ISBN: 1-58663-080-6 

Released: 2001

Size: 12 x 11 inches

Pages: 160

Colour images: 75+

A second edition of this book was released in March 2004 by the same publisher.


First edition:

Out of print, only available on the secondary market.

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