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Nicolas Trudgian - Air Combat Legends Volume II

Nicolas Trudgian

Duxford Eagles

Duxford Eagles by Nicolas Trudgian

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Nicolas Trudgian profile

This second volume of Nicolas Trudgian’s aviation art mainly features paintings that have been completed since his first book was issued in 1998.  For those not familiar with Nicolas Trudgian, his first aviation print was issued in 1991 and since then he has established himself as one of the world’s leading aviation artists. This book has the lavish ‘coffee table’ style we have come to expect from Military Gallery publications. The first part is dedicated to a description by Nicolas of how he became an aviation artist and some of his experiences along the way.  The body of the book is a gallery of some 38 paintings with descriptions by the artist.

The book is peppered with Nicolas’s pencil sketches which are of exceptional quality, the meticulous, detailed execution must take nearly as long as a painting.  The colour in one or two of the paintings seems a shade over saturated compared with the prints, but overall the quality is excellent with a pin sharp clarity that is in keeping with the art work.

Clash Over Remagen

Clash Over Remagen by Nicloas Trudgian

Hurricane Heroes

Hurricane Heroes by Nicolas Trudgian

Foreword is by Air Commodore Peter Brothers CBE, DSO, DFC.

Home At Dawn by Nicolas Trudgian

Reviewer’s Pick

A dramtic, eye-catching image, Home At Dawn has all the Trudgian hallmarks; strong composition, vibrant colours and superb supporting details.

All images copyright Nicolas Trudgian.

Nicolas Trudgian Air Combat Legends Volume II

Mountain Wolf

Mountain Wolf by Nicolas Trudgian

Night Hunters of the Reich

Night Hunters of the Reich by Nicolas Trudgian



Foreword by Air Com. Peter Brothers


33 sections each named by print title


An Artist’s Life by Nicolas Trudgian



Publishing Information - First Edition (hardback)

Publisher: Spellmount Limited

ISBN: 1-86227-176-3

Released: 2002

Size: 13 x 12 inches

Pages: 96

Colour images: 46

Limited Edition Versions with Prints

A limited edition version of Air Combat Legends Volume II was also issued at the time of release in 2002

The Collectors Edition was issued with a set of three matching numbered prints: Eagles of the Eighth being signed by Colonel James Goodson. The books were issued with a blue cloth slip case with the artist’s signature gold blocked on the front cover. The books were signed and numbered inside by the artist. The edition size was 400.

Eagle Attack

Eagle Attack by Nicolas Trudgian

Pathfinder Halifax

Pathfinder Halifax by Nicolas Trudgian

Eagles of the Eighth

Eagles of the Eighth by Nicolas Trudgian

The Aces Edition was issued as above but with an additional companion print, Duel in the Desert. The edition size was 300 with 30 Artist Proofs and 50 Remarques.

Duel in the Desert

Duel in the Desert by Nicolas Trudgian

Twilight Wolf

Twilight Wolf by Nicolas Trudgian

The Portfolio Edition additionally had the companion print Twilight Wolf featuring a FW Ta152 and signed by Oberfeldwebel Willi Reschke the final surviving Ta152 pilot, plus a bookplate containing the original signatures of 16 distinguished WWII veteran pilots. The edition size was 50 plus 15 Remarques.

All the limited edition versions above were sold out at the publisher soon after issue.


Limited edition versions:

Sold out, only available on the secondary market.

First edition:

Currently out of print.

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