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 War in the Air - The WWII Aviation Paintings of Mark Postlethwaite

Chris Goss and
Mark Postlethwaite

Mission Completed

Tirpitz - Mission Completed by Mark Postlethwaite

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Mark Postlethwaite has been a professional artist since the mid 1980s but he is also well known for his historical research projects such as his Lancaster Squadrons in Focus book and his web site dedicated to WWII photographs. War in the Air combines these two areas of interest highly effectively and the result is an excellent piece of work that is a good read as well as being an fine collection of his oil paintings.

Following a Foreword by Colonel Joseph H Hartshorn DFC there is a section giving some background to the artist and his approach to painting. The rest of the book is broken down into sections each covering a specific topic relating to the air war over Europe. The Aces Gallery contains paintings relating eight of the leading combat pilots of WWII.

Battle of Britain Day

Battle of Britain Day by Mark Postlethwaite

Flug Zum Absprungplatz

Flug Zum Absprungplatz by Mark Postlethwaite

Each section contains period photographs, first hand accounts and at least one painting. Much of the supporting text has been contributed by leading aviation author Chris Goss and sets this book apart from many other aviation art volumes. What is also unusual is the diversity of machinery covered. Whilst there are, of course, plenty of Spitfires and Lancasters, there is also room for rarities such as the Ju 88C, Condor, Auster, Ju 188, He 219, Hampden and Do 17. In all an excellent book and highly recommended.

Eismeer Over Herlda by Mark Postlethwaite

Reviewer’s Pick

A beautifully atmospheric painting, Eismeer Over Herlda depicts Fw190s approaching the airfield at Herlda in occupied Norway during 1945.

War in the Air by Mark Postlethwaite

Johnnie Johnson

Air Aces - Johnnie Johnson by Mark Postlethwaite


Kameraden by Mark Postlethwaite

Following the Thames

Following The Thames - book review





The Paintings - divided into 37 individual subject sections - each topic illustrated by at least one painting




An Artist’s Life



Publishing Information - First Edition (hardback)

Publisher: Crowwod Press Ltd

ISBN: 1-86126-720-7

Released: 2004

Size: 11.5 x 11 inches

Pages: 128

Colour paintings: 65

Limited Edition Version with Prints

A limited edition of the War in the Air book was issued at the time of release. It was presented in a black cloth slip case with the title gold blocked on the front cover. The books were signed and numbered inside by the artist and 9 WWII aviators that had some connection with subjects covered in the book. The edition size was just 50. It was accompanied by print depicting X Squadron Lancaster over the U-boat pens at Bergen on 12th January 1945.

Book signers:

Alex Henshaw MBE
Colonel Joseph H. Hartshorn DFC (British) DFC (American)
Squadron Leader William J. ‘Jack’ Storey DFC
Warrant Officer Ted Groom
Flight Lieutenant Richard L. Jones
Leutnant Karl Geyr
Flight Sergeant Stan Butler (pilot)
Flight Sergeant Bernard ‘Nick’ Nichol (navigator)
Flight Lieutenant Douglas C. Seymour

The print was signed by

Flight Lieutenant Dennis Nolan

Lancaster companion print

All images copyright Mark Postlethwaite.


Limited Edition version:

Sold out - only available on the secondary market.

First edition:

Currently out of stock

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