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GERALD COULSON - Artist Profile

Evening Patrol

Evening Patrol by Gerald Coulson

Artist Profiles
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One of the UK’s longest established aviation artists, having entered the profession on a full time basis in 1969.  Gerald Coulson’s work is underpinned by a thorough knowledge of aircraft and flying.  Having trained as an aircraft engineer during 8 years serving with the RAF, he went on to work with civilian aircraft and to qualify as a pilot.  Gerald’s artistic skills have all been self-taught.  His ability to draw accurately led to him into a successful role as an illustrator for civil and military technical aircraft manuals.   Subsequently evolving his painting skills has enabled Gerald Coulson to become one of the world’s best known aviation artists.

Wings of Victory

Wings of Victory by Gerald Coulson

For Collectors
Many of Gerald Coulson’s early images were open edition prints and were highly popular, doing much to help establish aviation art as a serious discipline.  In recent years his work has mostly been reproduced as limited edition prints of which there are over 40 available for collectors.

End of an Era

Patrolling The Line


End of an Era by Gerald Coulson Patrolling The Line by Gerald Coulson Overdue by Gerald Coulson
Alone at Dawn by Gerald Coulson

Our Favourite
The perils of a damaged Lancaster as it struggles to maintain height over a brooding sea are brought home superbly in the moody and dramatic
 Alone at Dawn

All images copyright Gerald Coulson.

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