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Bomber Missions - Aviation Art of World War II

G.E. Patrick Murray

A Welcome At The Inn
Nicolas Trudgian

A Welcome At The Inn - BM

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For some years the concept of being able to deliver mortal blows to an enemy through the use of fleets of bombers had attracted military planners, looking for an alternative to the grueling trench warfare of World War I. By 1939 advances in aircraft design had made this prospect a reality, although bitter lessons were to be learned before strategic bombing became effective; radar and long range fighter escort being key factors.

The author of this book sets out to describe many of the key bombing missions and campaigns of World War II, illustrated by art work from some of the world’s leading aviation artists, including Robert Taylor, Nicolas Trudgian, Jim Dietz and William Phillips.  In the introduction to the book the author, G. E. Patrick Murray, chronicles the evolution of the bomber during the course of the war. The body of the book contains a gallery of around 75 colour plates, each described in detail by the author and supported by period photographs. At the end is a brief biography of each contributing artist. This a large format volume of excellent quality offering very good value for money.

Ruhr Express
Robert Bailey

Rhur Express by Robert Bailey

Schweinfurt Again
Keith Ferris

Schweinfurt Again by Keith Ferris

Reviewer’s Pick
In his usual masterful style, Robert Taylor depicts the London Blitz in Assault On The Capital. This was the first strategic bombing campaign of the war and the image conveys clearly the importance of close fighter support.

Assault On The Capital by Robert Taylor

All images copyright the individual artists or publishers.

Bomber Missions

Bottom Of The First
James Dietz

Bottom of the First by James Dietz

No Trains Today
Stan Stokes

No Trains Today by Stan Stokes





About the Artists


The European Theater




The Pacific Theater



Publishing Information - First Edition (hardback)

Publisher: Michael Friedman

ISBN: 1-58663-081-4 

Released: 2001

Size: 12 x 11 inches

Pages: 144

Colour images: 69


First edition:

Out of print, only available on the secondary market

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