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ROBERT BAILEY - Artist Profile

Victory Over Normandy

Victory Over Normandy by Robert Bailey

Artist Profiles
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Robert Bailey was born in England and studied at Longton College of Art.  His early influence was his uncle who served in the Royal Navy and was a keen artist himself.  Apart from his art, Robert’s lifelong interest in aviation has also manifested itself in significant personal collections of both period uniforms and aircraft models.

In his early career he worked for a newspaper but is now a full time professional aviation artist based at his studio in Canada.  Robert plays an active role within both the American Society of Aviation Artists and the Canadian Society of Aviation Artists.

For Collectors
Robert Bailey has a growing portfolio of limited edition prints, around 15 to date with 3 or 4 being added each year.  Many are signed by combat veterans and editions are relatively small.  Robert’s pencil drawing are meticulously executed, making his remarque editions particularly good value.

Night of the Phantoms

Night of the Phantoms by Robert Bailey
Petsamo Scramble by Robert Bailey

Our Favourite
Good lighting, plenty of action and a dynamic composition make Petsamo Scramble stand out.

All images copyright Robert Bailey.

Wake up Call

Wake up Call by Robert Bailey

Typhoon Fury

Typhoon Fury by Robert Bailey

War Wolf

War Wolf by Robert Bailey

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