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Aviation Art - John Blake
80 Drawings and Paintings Illustrating the History of Flight

John Blake

Misty Marauder

John Young

Misty Marauder by John Young

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The idea behind this book was to illustrate the work of all the senior members of the Guild of Aviation Artists (GAA) at the time of publication in 1987. Author John Blake, a long standing contributor to the Royal Aero Club and founder member of the GAA, then organised his selection to include as a many different aircraft types as possible that together could tell the story of flight. Finally he refined his choice to include, as far as possible, only images that had not been generally released prior to the book’s publication.

The result is a unique collection of paintings incorporating a wide range of subject matter, reflecting the personal styles of 55 different artists, most of which will be new to many readers.

Against the Elements

Against the Elements by ERJ Moseling

Air Mail to Cologne

Air Mail to Cologne by Terence Cuneo

The book is organised into five sections that take the reader chronologically from the early balloonists through both wars to modern combat jets. Each subject is fully described by the author. Reproduction is rather variable with some images coming out a bit flat but overall it is reasonable given the printing technology available at the time. The book concludes with short biographies of each of the contributing artists and a useful index.

Sea King Rescue

Sea King Rescue by Robert Taylor
ORP, Waddington by Norman Hoad

Peace Initiative

Chamberlain's Peace Initiative by CE Waller

Reviewer’s Pick - simple and yet striking use of colour, contrast and composition in Norman Hoad’s, ORP, Waddington give purpose and presence to these Vulcan B2 nuclear bombers.

These huge icons of the Cold War had a remarkable rapid response capability, from engine start up, all four could be clear of the airfield and on their way in just two minutes.

JB2 - Aviation Art - John Blake - cover small

Next Stop

Next Stop Strathallan by Charles Coote

Fairchild Cornell

Fairchild Cornell by Michael Turner

Monsoon Strike

Monsoon Strike by Michael Turner

All images copyright the individual artists or publishers.



Foreword by HRH The Duke of York


Period three: uneasy peace 1919-1939


Author’s Note


Period four: World War II




Period five: 1946 to the present day


Introduction by Frank Wootton


Biographies of the artists


Period One: the heroic age




Period two: World War I, 1914-1918



Publishing Information - First Edition (hardback)

Publisher: Exeter Books

ISBN: 0-671-09227-8

Released: 1987

Size: 10 x 12 inches

Pages: 151

Colour images: 80


All editions:

Out of print, only available on the secondary market.

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