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Aviation - A History Through Art

Philip Handleman

Two Down, One To Go
William Phillips

Two Down, One To Go by William Phillips

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This book was intended as a showcase for the artwork of the American Society of Aviation Artists, a job it does very well. The paintings grouped into 5 separate eras, chronicle the evolution of flight from WW I to the present day. Each colour plate is faced with a page of narrative by the author describing the subject of the painting in some detail.

Brief biographies of the contributing artists are also included.  In all 97 paintings are featured from 32 different artists. Overall this book is well laid out with good quality reproduction and represents good value.

Before The Ax Fell
Charles Thompson

Before the Axe Fell by Charles Thompson

Morning In The Rockies
Paul Rendel

Morning In The Rockies by Paul Rendel

Preface is by Mike Machat of the ASAA and the introduction is by pilot Walter J. Boyne.

When The Air Corps Flew The Mail by Nixon Galloway

When The Air Corps flew The Mail
Nixon Galloway

Darkness Visible
Craig Kodera

Reviewer’s Pick
Complete failure to reach a decision leaves a tie between two superb paintings that represent well the range of subjects in this comprehensive book; When The Air Corps Flew The Mail and Darkness Visible.

Darkness Visible by Craig Kodera
A History Through Art - Handleman

Welcome Home Yank

Welcome Home Yank by William Philips

Curtiss NC-4

Transatlantic Curtiss NC-4 by Keith Ferris

All images copyright the individual artists or publishers.





World War II




The Post War Era


Word War I


The Modern Era


The Golden Age


Index of Artists and Paintings

Publishing Information - First Edition (hardback)

Publisher: Howell Press

ISBN: 0-9432-3155-8 

Released: 1992

Size: 10 x 10 inches

Pages: 128

Colour images: 70+

Publishing Information - Second Edition (hardback)

Publisher: BCS / Ian Allan

ISBN: 0-7110-2297-6 

Released: 1994

Size: 10 x 10 inches

Pages: 128

Colour images: 70+


All editions:

Out of print, only available on the secondary market.

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