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Aircraft of the Aces - Legends of the Skies
featuring the artwork of Iain Wyllie and Mark Postlethwaite

Tony Holmes

F-4 Phantom II
of Ramat David
September 1972

F-4 Phantom II

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This book is a follow up to Osprey’s highly successful ‘Aircraft of the Aces - Legends of World War 2’. It follows the same format in that it uses the cover artwork of their well known Aircraft of the Aces book series as the cornerstone of its illustrations. This time however Iain Wyllie is joined by renowned artist Mark Postlethwaite (and for a couple of the paintings Keith Woodcock) plus several other artists who have contributed aircraft side profiles. This volume showcases 33 paintings, each being used to help tell the story of a particular aviation Ace spanning World War I to the Yom Kippur War.

The book begins with a Foreward by Generalleutnant Gunther Rall. Each Ace is then presented with a full page painting, an aircraft profile by the same artist, text by the author incorporating comments from the pilot’s notes, a short biography of the pilot and a technical specification of the aircraft. There is a liberal sprinkling of period photos to round off each story. Overall this a professionally presented, well laid out book that is easy to dip in and out of. An excellent balance of artwork and reference.

Hurricane IIB
of PO William Storey
Burma 1942

Aircraft of the Aces - Legends of the Skies

Albatros D III of
 Leutnanat Werner

Albatross D III
Hurricane IIB
P40F Balloon Buster

P-40F of
 Capt Roy Whittaker
 Tunisia 1943

Sopwith Dolphin of
 Lt Edgar Taylor

All images copyright the artist or publishers.



Foreword by Gunther Rall




33 sections each covering one ace/aircraft



Publishing Information - First Edition (hardcopy)

Publisher: Osprey Publishing

ISBN: 1-84176-825-1 

Released: 2004

Size: 9.5 x 11 inches

Pages: 144

Colour images: 66


First edition:

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