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 A Portrait of Military Aviation in South Africa

Ron Belling

Seafire III

Seafire 111

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This remarkable piece of research recreates some 60 years of South Africa’s military aviation history through the work of resident artist Ron Belling. Some 150 paintings covering 100 different aircraft types are all painstakingly reproduced in authentic scenarios, many of which were witnessed first hand by the artist.

A short introduction by the artist is followed by the paintings and supporting text, starting with a visiting RAF BE 2E and concluding with a Mirage F1 of the SAAF. The book is rounded off with comments by Ron Belling about the various aircraft finishes and markings; a section that serves to emphase the lengths the artist has gone to ensure historical accuracy.

Fairey Battle

Fairey Battle by Ron Belling

Short C28

Short C28 by Ron Belling

Reviewer’s Pick
Suberb treatment of light reflecting off the fuselage of this De Havilland 104 Devon helps create a striking rendition of an unusual aircraft.

De Havilland 104 Devon by Ron Belling

All images copyright Ron Belling.

Military Aviation in South Africa - Ron Belling

Me 262

Me 262 by Ron Belling

Mosquito XVI

Mosquito XVI by Ron Belling



Introduction by the Artist


National Aircraft Insignia


Gallery of over 100 different aircraft types


Official Colour Documents


General comments on aircraft finishes



Publishing Information - First Edition (hardback)

Publisher: Midland Counties

ISBN: 0-904597-59-8 

Released: 1989

Size: 11 x 10 inches

Pages: 160

Colour images: 150+


First edition:

Currently out of print, only available on the secondary market.

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