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A Lifetime of Aviation 1916 - 1986
The Society of British Aerospace Companies

Michael Donne OBE


Michael Turner

Concorde by Michael Turner

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The Society of British Aerospace Companies (SBAC) was formed in 1916 as The Society of British Aircraft Constructors, this book was created to celebrate the achievements of its member companies on its 70th anniversary. As an important industry forum the role of SBAC is varied, publicly it is probably best known as the organiser of the Farnborough International event. Running chronologically from 1916 the book features a significant aircraft from each year with a colour plate of the artwork and a short narrative from the author. Presentation is good with contributions from leading artists including Coulson, Turner, Wootton and Rondot.

Canberra by Michael Rondot Supermarine S.6Bs by Arthur Sturgess

Preface is by the editor Michael Donne OBE and there is an introduction from HRH The Duke of Kent. A description of the SBAC and the British aerospace industry in general is followed by listing of the then current Chairmen and Presidents and a list of the founding member companies. The book was produced hard bound with a slipcase and as a limited edition of 3000.

Queen's Flight by Robert Taylor

Reviewer’s Pick
Not one of Robert Taylor’s better known paintings, but in Queen’s Flight he has managed to take a disparate group of aircraft and create a convincing composition, excellent brushwork and attention to detail as usual.

All images copyright the individual artists or publishers.

A Lifetime of Aviation 1916 - 1986 - The Society of British Aerospace Companies


Lysander by John Young


Nimrod of No 203 Squadron by Michael Turner





The SBAC’s Original Members


The Queens Flight by Robert Taylor


The Guild of Aviation Artists


Message from HRH Duke of Edinburgh


Index of Paintings and Artists


The Society of British Aerospace Companies


Evolution of the Airframe and Engine Industry


Britain’s Aerospace Industry


SBAC Flying Displays


The SBAC’s Chairman and Presidents


The SBAC’s Current Membership

Publishing Information - Limited Edition (hardback)

Publisher: SBAC/Ducimus Books

ISBN: 0-903234-55-6

Released: 1986

Size: 11 x 9 inches

Pages: 148

Colour images: 71


Limited edition:

Sold out, only available on the secondary market.

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