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A Century of Triumph
The History of Aviation - John Batchelor

Christopher Chant


SE5A by John Batchelor

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This lavishly illustrated volume charts in some detail a century of aviation achievement from the first flight of the Wright Flyer in 1903 through to the latest stealth aircraft and the American Space programme. The text by aviation and military specialist Christopher Chant is informative and very readable. Most of the illustrations have been provided by John Batchelor and include many examples of the superb aircraft cut-aways he is deservedly acclaimed.

AV-8B Harrier II

Fokker D VII

A Century of Triumph


B52 by John Batchelor


Spitfire by John Batchelor
AV-8B Harrier II by John Batchelor Fokker D VII by John Batchelor

The book tells its story in a broadly chronological format. The history of the aircraft featured is punctuated with biographical essays on some of aviation’s great figures, such a Sikorsky, Earhart and Yeager.

Short Mayo

Wright Flyer

Short Mayo composite by John Batchelor Wright Flyer by John Batchelor

Published in 2002, A Century of Triumph was notable for including some of the first publicly available illustrations of the new Lockheed Martin Joint Strike Fighter. The John Batchelor artwork is supported by many excellent period photographs plus some unusual never-before published vintage watercolour posters of pre-World War I aviation subjects. In Summary a comprehensive, nicely presented history of powered flight.

Mosquitos by John Batchelor

Forwards by Burt Rutan (Voyager – first non-stop flight around the world) and Eugene A Cernan (astronaut who walked on the moon).

All images copyright John Batchelor.





The Jet Age


Prologue - The Wright Brothers Conquer the Air


Rotary Wing Flight - from Leonardo to Sikorsky


Practical Aviation Takes Off


The Modern Age


The Race for Speed and Distance




From Biplane to Monoplane



Publishing Information - First Edition (Hardback)

Publisher: The Free Press

ISBN: 0-7432-3479-0

Released: 2002

Size: 10.5 x 10.5 inches

Pages: 388

Colour images: 200


All Editions:

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